Friday, August 05, 2011

I Shall Return

Hellooooooooo o  o   o    o......

I've got so many photos and posts to share with you, but I have been temporarily out of commission during our heat wave - with no whole-house A/C, I can survive, but that's about all.  And I know many people don't have even the luxury of a window A/C, like I've had, so no complaints here - just an explanation of my absence.  Seems like cooler weather is finally coming, so I will try to catch up on blogging, among other things.  My to-do list reads like this:

Cut down jungle on north side of house
Cut down field on west side of house
Cut and remove rest of carpet from bedroom
Drain and move waterbed to opposite side of bedroom
Spray paint dresser in basement and move to bedroom
Make my Christmas cards (this NEVER happens until a week or so before
Catch up on all the cards I need to send as well as some that have been requested

What do you think - that's just for August :)

PS - the house in the photo is an actual house designed and built as a replica of the house in the animated movie "Up" - cool, right?  maybe I should just paint mine like that.

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