Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tuesdays Around Town - Renaissance Festival

[Time is flying as usual, so I'm posting the first batch of Renaissance Festival photos, with more to come]

Over Labor Day weekend, I went to the Renaissance Festival in the southwest metro with my brothers and nephew.  The weather was nearly perfect: not too hot or cold, with a few clouds to keep the sunburn to a minimum. 

We got there just after it opened, and saw many of the actors entering the village (above).

David and I were looking at a map in search of breakfast when we were waylaid by a dance troupe in need of a couple of extras to help them learn a number.  We had fun, but learned our lesson: heads up if you don't want to be part of the act :)

A bald eagle from the Raptor Center.

Some of the quirky buildings before the crowds appeared.

(Above and below).  A trip through The Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest.  Inside a hobbit house.

Miniature houses - about 5 feet tall.

A sleeping fairy - or woodland nymph?

It became a popular day, but never really too crowded.

Look closely at the roof above (click to enlarge) - there's a dragon  coming out of the windows.

Wind Rose Mill and Wine Cafe

The Wacky Chickens comedy act.  They clucked and pointed to snatch this boy out of the audience and make him play along.  He was hilarious.  See him in before and after photos of the glasses and chicken cap they made him wear. 

A new feature at Ren Fest this year - the alligator cage, with saddled turtle (above)

Mead, the first wine, was sold in a few places.  I had 2 glasses for good measure.

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