Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clipping and Cricut Card

The background of this anniversary card for cousins Sara and Jory is a clipping from an advertisement. How could I pass up using such a colorful design? I used a Cricut cartridge to cut the lattice shapes from some glossy black paper.
Then added a heart and 2 doves punched from glitter cardstock.
The raindrop shapes are all part of the print ad, but the tiny glittery dots are more punches strategically added.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Warmest March, Stillwater Sunday

It's shaping up to be the warmest March on record.  Here's the proof:  March 25th and my Mock Orange bushes are full of leaves already.

They don't usually flower until May, but I'm betting they will be in bloom over a month early this year.

The buds on my maple tree are "fluffing" out too. 

On this summery Sunday, C and I drove to Stillwater, passing this short wind generator in North St Paul.

We walked up the main street in downtown Stillwater to browse one of the larger antique shops, then saw this car on the way back...

...with the Bob's Big Boy figure in the rear window, bringing back memories of a favorite diner from childhood vacations.

We wet our whistles with rum drinks at Smalley's Caribbean Barbeque and made a light supper out of some delicious appetizers before heading for home.

Pirates, anyone?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Inchie Notecards

For this set of thank you notes, I looked through my supply of "inchies".  Several years ago, I joined a few swaps through Splitcoaststampers to trade inchies - tiny 1 x 1" pieces of art that each of us made.  They can be added to cards as embellishments or focal points.
Each of the cards I made had the same basic format.  The inchie was the starting point for the color choice.

This card had the same basic sketch, but I strung some punched glitter hearts instead.

The last card started with an inchie I made:  stamped and glitter-embossed beehive, pre-made bee embellishment, metallic cardstock bottom mat.
The two patterned papers are, as well as the yellow background, are from my hand-made paper supply.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Into Summer

The new green ribbon on my front door wreath is one of the ways I welcome Spring.  But Summer arrived just after Daylight Saving Time this year!  The 50-degrees we'd been having in the Twin Cities turned into 70 today. 
 Downtown St Paul was bustling with warm-weather activities.
A food truck was parked next to Rice Park (across from Landmark Center):  I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich from "Messy Giuseppe".  A bicycle ice cream vendor pedaled by while I waited.  Music was coming from the park.   
This is the view of Landmark Center from my office cubicle.  It's a great place to rest my eyes when taking a short break from my PC. 
I'll have more photos as Spring progresses and I'm able to get outside during my short lunch break.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Signs of Spring

Happy Daylight Savings Time! And the weather here in the Twin Cities is making that extra hour of daylight in the evening very useable!
Just last week this view from the office of my new temp job included snow flurries.
But two days of over 50 degrees has started the buds a-budding.  And 2 straight weeks of open-window weather is predicted (yes, I opened my windows and turned off the furnace yesterday, and have no plans to change anything back).  I looked for a space heater today at Target and found all the gardening supplies were on the shelves and almost no winter gear in sight.  I will look for one at some other stores; if I need a bit of heat in one room, it really saves money to just use a space heater rather than turn on the furnace and heat up the whole house. 

I've been working on some cards that I will post soon.  The designs are complete, but I'm waiting on a delivery of ink for my printer so I can finish the insides of the cards.   And the studio rearrange is almost done, so I'll have photos of that too.