Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Into Summer

The new green ribbon on my front door wreath is one of the ways I welcome Spring.  But Summer arrived just after Daylight Saving Time this year!  The 50-degrees we'd been having in the Twin Cities turned into 70 today. 
 Downtown St Paul was bustling with warm-weather activities.
A food truck was parked next to Rice Park (across from Landmark Center):  I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich from "Messy Giuseppe".  A bicycle ice cream vendor pedaled by while I waited.  Music was coming from the park.   
This is the view of Landmark Center from my office cubicle.  It's a great place to rest my eyes when taking a short break from my PC. 
I'll have more photos as Spring progresses and I'm able to get outside during my short lunch break.

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