Friday, August 24, 2012

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

I went to the Minnesota State Fair today.  The last few years I have gone with other people and and the weather was too nice to do much inside browsing, so this year my goal was to just see the Fine Arts Building and eat my favorite Fair foods.  On the way to catch the bus in my own neighborhood, I passed an auto repair shop displaying this fabulous car in the window.  The sign reads: "1955 Ford Thunderbird Original Walt Disney Company Car".  I swoon!  Many of you know my first car was a '65 teal Thunderbird that I bought from my dad.  That era of T-bird was and always will be my favorite car.

When I finally arrived at the Fairgrounds after a bit of a bus delay, I went straight to the north end, which is usually comparatively uncrowded.  This mini obstacle course put on by The Boy Scouts is a new activity for kids.  They wear helmets and harnesses, so it looks safe AND fun.

Nearby was the Luminarium with some sort of light show inside.  This is something new at the Fair.  I didn't want to wait in line to see it, so I hope they will bring it back again.  

But the outside is a cool inflated sculpture in itself.

I did a quick pass through the Ecology Building and saw this curtain of plastic bottles.  Can't remember the last time I threw one of these in the regular trash, but I guess too many people still do.

After eating my Pronto Pup, I headed over to the Fine Arts Building.  This wood sculpture was astonishing!  Click on the photo for a better view.  There is even a man carved inside the cabin window on the right.

Not sure what the medium was in the painting below (acrylic paint, maybe), but it was thick and glowing!

A stained glass mosaic...

A certain car nut will appreciate this sculpture painted with automotive paint... was painted several colors but also seemed to change color from different angles.

Carved from marble - are they still doing that?  

And I thought carving in soft clay was a challenge!

The creation below is a 3-D photo collage.  All the photos have been individually trimmed and attached on top of each other with unseen spacers or mounting tape (I'm guessing).

Great shadow box effect.

As I headed over to Heritage Square, I saw this fire ladder display for "Fire Prevention Day" at the Fair.  I had already passed a fire extinguisher demonstration that took me back to my Foster Wheeler days.  Because the company managed a power plant, all employees, even office personnel like me, were given safety training each year.  We were trained how to put out a fire with the correct extinguisher, not an easy task if you don't practice ahead of time.

It was really warming up and getting crowded, so I ate my Tom Thumb Mini Donuts and found a shaded bench.  There are several museums set up on the north side of Heritage Square, and several wood carvings like the one below depicting a long-time Fair worker. 

Another note:  August 24th and this tree is really starting to turn!

Everyone knows our State Fair signals the end of summer, but we have a lot of warm weather yet to come.  For more pics from past years, click on the "State fair" label at right.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom

Today it was off to Excelsior on Lake Minnetonka to celebrate Mom's 84th birthday (which was actually yesterday).  We ate at the Bayside Grille

It was a beautiful day to sit outside.  After we ordered our food, I walked down the dock to take some pics of the lake.

And, here's the birthday girl.




And me.  And, no, both of those drinks are not mine.

The Seafood Louie Salad looked so good on the menu that four of the five of us ordered it. 

David and his skewered shrimp.

After sitting out on David and Kim's deck for a bit after lunch, I went home and walked around my own little lake.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fresh Mint and Fall On The Way

"Minty Fresh" is a wonderful name for the latest Moxie Fab World Challenge.  The hot weather has finally eased up here in Minneapolis (leaves have even begun to turn), and, as I like to tell people, I really feel alive again!  This morning, with the sun out and cool breezes coming into my studio, I made this gift bag and matching gift card set for the challenge, and used a sketch from the September/October issue of Papercrafts magazine.  

The 3 X 3 squares idea is one I've used many times, but the sketch included something different in the bottom corner.  So, I stamped an Anna Griffin butterfly all over the 9 scalloped squares of mint green cardstock that I had lined up in rows.  Then, I stamped another in navy, added glitter gel pen and cut out.  The single butterfly is adhered with mounting tape.

The 9 squares were adhered to a piece of upcycled paper bag and then to the gift bag.  The 3 X 3" gift card got the same treatment, with a stamped butterfly seemingly a shadow of the cut-out one.

I thought the design just needed a small jewel to be complete.

Later, I walked to the bank and then the farmers market, where I loaded up on fresh veggies for my salad tonight.  I finally passed by this little shop when they were open so that I could take a photo with the "junk" outside.  I haven't been inside yet, but it's a cute addition to the 50th and Xerxes antique shop area.  My only regret is that I never took a photo of the tiny building in its former life as a barber shop, complete with striped pole. 

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Water Dance

A beautiful first weekend in August brought out the crowds to Minnehaha Falls.  And our family gathered there for the annual picnic.
After eating, our walk took us to the bottom of the Falls and back along the creek.  Our mealtime entertainment was a group of Native American dancers.