Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tuesdays Around Town - St Paul In The Fall

Happy October!  I'm still at my Accountemps assignment in downtown St Paul,  but this week I started working in another department.  They skip breaks and take an hour for lunch, so I have been using my extra half hour to walk in the skyways or outside on days like this: warm and sunny.

This is the view of the Mississippi just a block from the office (above)...

and walking west, I passed a Snoopy statue, reminding me of the Snoopy houses that were on display downtown a few years back until they were auctioned off.

Then I noticed a cantilevered point at the Science Museum plaza (above) - I took a photo of it so you can see where I was standing in for the next four shots.

Back toward downtown (above), toward Harriet Island (below),

West along the river (above), and a bird's-eye-view of the Science Museum maze (below).

Heading back to Rice Park, I was struck by the lack of traffic at midday. 

I took advantage of one of the last days of the food trucks and ate fish tacos at Tiki Tim's.

We have some beautiful views from our floor, especially now that the fall colors are in "full bloom".