Monday, March 04, 2013

March Fourth From The Archives

Today is the 6th anniversary of "Bungalowdays". Here's a look at that first post. Funny how I used that young photo of me just as a "test", because it feels now like a great fit with the early days of learning blogging by trial and error. There was a large gap between that post and the second one on December 4th of the same year, but then I settled into a regular schedule.  I was home working on starting my own business at the time, so it was easy.  
Several years since then have seen infrequent posts and very few have been about my actual bungalow.  Sometime this month, I will start to showcase some small and large house projects, so stay tuned for before-and-after photos that I can't wait to share.


March forth!! Today is the one day all year that is a command. Ordinarily I would mention that bit of trivia to a few people for the fun of it, but this year I chose to "march forth", or begin something new. In fact, I made a list of 4 new things to start today, and this entry is one of them. Another is to start re-decorating, which means to pull down some old wallpaper at the very least! More on the other two later :)
I will learn something new about blogging each day. How to upload a photo? I tried one of the house, but it wouldn't work, so the photo here is a's me at age 10, tee hee!
As for the Bungalow of the title, it would be best to show you the pics as I tell you about it, so for now, I'll just write that it was built in 1925, has a walkout basement, has less than 1000 square feet on the main floor and is my first home.

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