Friday, March 01, 2013

Signs Of Spring

Are these the new colors for Spring fashion?  JCP had this display near one of the entrances, and I love it!  The greens and yellows are 60's retro, bright and fresh! I'll have to check out my closet and then see what JCP has in my size. Meantime, maybe there's a great card to be made from the inspiration. 

Another display at Bachman's uses neutral earth colors in a bed-as-dining-table tableau. I like this one a lot, too - so understated and peaceful, yet exciting for we Minnesotans who still see a white landscape well into March (and sometimes after, ha ha).

I didn't buy one of these colorful cacti, but I may have to go back for one or two.

There was a miniature garden display. This one was in a large pot, but I've seen them incorporated into a corner of a full sized garden. The accessories available are like those for a terrarium.

The last photo is of a bonzai tree, quite old judging by the thickness of the roots. Another wonderful hobby if I ever tire of those I already have. 

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