Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Congrats To The Grad

When I made this card for a contest a couple years ago, I had no particular recipient. But I always liked the card; all my hard work paid off when it turned out as I'd envisioned. That doesn't always happen!  I finally have the perfect person to give it to: my brother, Craig, who will graduate from the Machine Tool Technology program at Saint Paul College. 

The magnifying glass to read the fine type was geared toward an older person, and that's what makes this such a good fit: my brother, like me, is in his 50's! Never too late to go to school or learn something new, right? I came up with the following sentiment for an older college grad:

They say when we get older,
Hearing is the first to go…
Or maybe it’s good eyesight,
But you’ve proven it’s not the brain!

Congratulations on getting
 Your College Degree!
Good Luck with your Future Employment!

1 comment:

Jocelyn Olson said...

The magnifying glass is so clever! What a great idea for a graduation card. Congrats to your brother!

You won the Paper Crafts giveaway on my blog. I'll need your info (that sounds like scary spam, but it's not). :)