Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Flower Power

During my recent trip to British Columbia, I took 650 photos! At home, I've been having problems with the software on my laptop that I use to upload and edit my pictures. I decided to try it again and post just a few organized by theme. Success! The first photo was taken in BC at Butchart Gardens. It is an extreme close-up of a tulip.  

That photo worked so well that it inspired me to take a few more at home. Since our late Spring has delayed flowers blooming, I really had to search for good candidates.  I think these worked well too. My digital Canon was just set for automatic as usual and the macro switch was on.  

Irises - photo above and below.

Blossoming tree - above (not sure what kind). Tulip below.

And of course sun-loving cats sharing a window on this 75-degree day. Cubby above and Zane below.

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