Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturdays In The Studio - Organization

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of fun getting organized. And I have even more fun when I can re-use or "upcycle" some storage or supplies that I already had. Here are some of my many CD cases that I had boxed up for future donation or recycling. The actual CDs are in a multi-CD player, so I had no use for the cases. The idea to use CD cases to store cling stamps is not my mine, but until recently I had no stamps to store.   

Recently, I have been buying some very nice cling stamps on clearance at JoAnn and Michael's.  I think I was attracted to the space-saving feature, but every tool needs to be organized so that it can be easily used. The rubber stamps can be stored in a regular size CD case, and the acrylic clings sometimes need only the thin case (the type that came with free online service CDs - remember those?) 

Another hoarder's-dream-come-true project came together when I decided to use my collection of free (from junk mail) sheet-style magnets to create a die storage wall. The metal dies that are used in a Big Shot or any die-cutting or embossing machine needed a home. I used double-stick tape to mount all different shapes and sizes of magnets to a closet door.

The magnet sheets can be cut with a scissors, so it was very easy to fill in the entire top half of the door inside the molding.  A modern flat door would yield even more space, but I decided to stay within the framed panel.  I still have the bottom half of the door if I need more space.  And if I had the wall space, that would make a really spectacular display. 

The die storage is appropriately next to a set of punches.  

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