Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh The Things You Will See At The Minnesota State Fair

Summer is coming to an end however you measure it:  the calendar, the beginning of school, the weather or the activities. The Minnesota State Fair is usually a big 12-day finale to summer in this state. After a cooler than normal season here, we got our 90-degree days this past week.  If I hadn't bought tickets for an event at the Grandstand, I might have skipped it altogether, but I found new things to photograph this year, so I'm glad I went.

The first things I saw in the Creative Activities building were these animals made from hundreds of folded bits of paper. There was no label, but I have to assume they are a sort of origami.

The shape below is a temari ball, a form of Japanese embroidery.

Nice assortment of crocheted Christmas ornaments:

An award-winning quilt: these are my kind of colors!

I've tried quilting, but nothing as labor-intensive as hardanger (har-dang-er): counted and pulled-thread embroidery.

Another never-seen entry: some sort of artistic contraption.

Then I moved outdoors and took some close-ups of sunflowers.  The actual seeds are visible.

Our car and canoe never looked like this, but it makes me nostalgic nevertheless:

The buildings were relatively uncrowded, but still too hot for much browsing, so I took this one quick photo in the Fine arts building, and left.

Cooling clouds had formed by the time I reached the Horticulture building, so I was able to spend some time at the flower arrangements. The theme this year was All Things Seuss.

And the displays were delightfully whimsical.

 If you remember any of the books, you will see some very specific inspiration.

But most were just interpretations of Seuss's colorful, playful drawings.

The theme was used in the center atrium as well, something I've never seen done before.

"The Lorax" movie just came out this year.

"The 500 Hats of Bartholemew Cubbins" has always been one of my favorites.

When Craig arrived, we strolled over to the Eco Experience Building.  Once again, we didn't stay inside very long, but I snapped this pic of cans that should be - but are often not - recycled.  "Stop Treating Us Like Garbage" is the caption. Craig and I like to tell the story of our car trip all the way to Maine and back, during which we threw out not a single recyclable container.  We simply bagged them up in the back of the car and dropped them off at the first recycling receptacle we found; no coincidence that we were almost home in Minnesota when we found it.

Then, the event we had waited for: the Internet Cat Video Festival sponsored by the Walker Art Center. The videos didn't start until after dark, but there was pre-video entertainment as people continued to fill the seats. 

One of the stars of last year's Video Fest was Grumpy The Cat, shown in seed art below. The cat is actually a female named Tardar Sauce.  She was on local news with her owner this morning, and on stage this evening.

The first 1000 or so to walk through the gates received a film canister with a DVD inside.  We also got a bookmark, pin and letterpress poster.

Total food count: 3 cups of diet pop, one salmon-on-a-stick with rye krisp and lingonberry jelly, one foot-long corn dog, half a fudge puppy (Belgium waffle covered with chocolate on a stick), one pineapple shake, and one frozen custard sundae.  Too hot to eat more than that - and I was only there 8 hours, ha ha!

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