Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesdays Around Town - The Landing, Shakopee, MN

Last Saturday, I took a little drive to Shakopee, MN to see some fine art at The Landing. It's a history village set along the Minnesota River, and there is usually admission charged to cover the cost of keeping up the buildings. Costumed volunteers lead tours. 
Because of the fine arts fair, admission was free last weekend, but I had gotten there only an hour before closing, so I skipped the tours and concentrated on the booths and the outsides of the buildings.

The top two photos show the scenic overlook above the Minnesota River. With all our heavy rain last month, the river is still quite high, but I saw no evidence that any flooding had occurred here as it had just down the highway at Valley Fair.
(Above) Live music at the town square. (Below) Several of the authentic 19th-century buildings on the site.




Two photos of the chickens and coop. These are a huge breed of chicken (not sure what breed).

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesdays Around Town - Water Tower Painting

Quite a few years ago, I noticed a water tower being painted and that it was entirely covered with a giant tarp to contain the paint from splattering the surrounding grass and buildings. It looked like something very alien and I have been taking photos of "shrouded" water towers ever since.
The painting on this water tower in Bloomington was just being started when I drove by. The tarp had not been dropped down yet and looks like an exotic cap worn by a strange creature. 

Here's a close-up.
I was in the neighborhood several more times and hoped to see the tarp covering the whole thing, but I was told the painting had already been done and the material rolled back up the same day. So, I missed this photo-op, but I may be able to find some of my old pics of other "encased" water towers.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Picket Picnic Invitations

Our annual family picnic is next month, so I made a batch of invitations. The picket-fence design took shape as I was wondering how to use the little phrases from a sheet of Jillibean Soup cardstock.

I cut out all the "remember this" and "good days" captions I could find from the cardstock sheet, then arranged them on a standard card, but they just seemed to fit better on something tall and skinny. I had the wood-patterned paper, so I adhered that over plain cardstock and snipped the top into a point.

I also stamped the bottom with a leafy vegetable. The actual invitation is on the back, printed on my computer before I did any cutting. I also attached small magnets to the backs, so people could stick them in a prominent location.