Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesdays Around Town - Water Tower Painting

Quite a few years ago, I noticed a water tower being painted and that it was entirely covered with a giant tarp to contain the paint from splattering the surrounding grass and buildings. It looked like something very alien and I have been taking photos of "shrouded" water towers ever since.
The painting on this water tower in Bloomington was just being started when I drove by. The tarp had not been dropped down yet and looks like an exotic cap worn by a strange creature. 

Here's a close-up.
I was in the neighborhood several more times and hoped to see the tarp covering the whole thing, but I was told the painting had already been done and the material rolled back up the same day. So, I missed this photo-op, but I may be able to find some of my old pics of other "encased" water towers.

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