Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rochester, MN

I drove to Rochester, Minnesota today with my friend, Joanne. She hadn't been there in many years, and I don't remember ever visiting as an adult. We had the AAA guidebook that listed a few sites we wanted to see, but many of them were closed on Tuesdays. Luckily, we stopped to look around the grounds of Plummer House, and the tour trolley was just pulling in. We were able to board and buy our tickets for the 90-minute ride. It was a fun and informative tour. (These photos were all taken from the bus; I was sitting by a large open window.)

The Mayo Medical School in front with the bell tower of the Plummer Building behind it. The Plummer Building includes the original offices of William J and Charles H Mayo.

The entrance to the Mayo Clinic looks like that of an elegant hotel.

Silver Lake

Assisi Heights Spirituality Center and residence of the Sisters of Saint Francis.

We weren't able to stop, but were told that anyone can book a private room for a retreat: no phones, no TV.

This is a working convent and chapel. The sisters helped start the first hospital in Rochester.

A little slice if Italy, no?

150-year-old George Stoppel Farmstead. Another place to tour when we return.

Mayowood Mansion,  home to three generations of the Mayo family.


One of the over-100-years old homes of the "Pill Hill" National Residential Historic District.

The end of our trolley tour at Plummer House of the Arts. 49-room mansion built by Dr. Henry S. Plummer, one of the founding doctors of the Mayo Clinic, and an architect himself.

The house wasn't open that day, but the grounds were, so we took a short walk.

After lunch at the Canadian Honker restaurant (so-named for the Canadian geese that never migrate from the area), we walked across the street to Saint Mary's Hospital to check out the chapel. Old front doors of hospital (above).

Drawing of original building. It is a "campus" now: all part of the Mayo Clinic system.

The Chapel. It has a basilica floor plan with aisles.

Painting on the arch.
That was it for the day. Well worth the trip even without tours of the separate buildings.

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