Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tangletown Garden Tour

My Aunt Caroline invited me to take a garden tour with her today. It was hosted by a garden/gift shop in Minneapolis called Tangletown Gardens and it was a wonderful event. We started the tour with free scones and strawberries across the street at the Wiseacre restaurant's outdoor tables.

We wore our garden tour pins to gain entrance to people's backyards and drove to our first set of houses. 

The entire backyard was transformed into a garden retreat with a deck attached to the house (above), another at the back (below)...

 And a covered hot tub with deck surround.

The second garden encompassed the whole front yard, leaving the house at the back of the lot almost invisible.

There are very few of these small houses left in Southwest Minneapolis due to the tear-down trend, so it was fun to be invited into the owner's yard.

The backyard was divided into "rooms" by plantings.

There was a chicken coop with four chickens.

There were many re-purposed-art objects like this bottle-cap table.

Garden #3 started in the front of a tidy bungalow with many plantings...

 ...and a dry creek-bed made of slate.

 The backyard featured a 100-year-old (plus) tree...

...and an arbor leading in from the driveway.

Then we started in the backyard of the next house...

 ...that included a "shower" fountain made of re-purposed pipes and a tub...

 ...and a blue goose birdbath.


There was a potting bench next to the garage, and colorful seating by the house.

 We moved along the side-yard (below)... the shady front with its fish fountain...

 ...and cat figurine.

The photos above and below show the view from the street: a secluded setting in the city.

The yellow house was not on the tour, but had another lawn-free front yard and a spacious porch.

Then, on to the house with new steel siding in eye-catching red (one of my Aunt's favorite house colors).

The back was landscaped up a slope with a pond, a rocky creek and a several seating areas among the plants.

This striking lime green door welcomed us into the next garden. The path to the house meandered through this forest-like setting.


There was a sauna and fountain in the back.

Even this small space was not forgotten.

The framed artwork was being sold by the featured artist at this garden. There were several other artists showing and selling pottery and yard decor at other houses.

On to our next garden in Linden Hills....

...with a shady oasis next to the driveway, and a water feature on the steps to the breezeway.

The whole length of the driveway was planted with organically-grown vegetables as well as flowers.

Close to Lake Calhoun was this mid-century modern house with another lime green door (our second on the tour).

The orange-green color scheme at the front entry was quite attractive.

Our tour notes told us that this was the contemporary addition...

 ...with a more minimalist backyard garden to match.

Then it was on to the last house as the humidity started to take its toll on us. The photo below is a view from the street.
Looking from the house, the scene included a mossy field.

At the back was this garden shed under another huge tree.

And that was the end of our tour day. Somewhere in the middle we took a little break to meet two of my cousins so they could give a few birthday gifts to their grandmother.

I gave her this card made with a die-cut trellis over patterned paper.

I added a flower punched from the same paper with a chipboard disk, plus ribbon and a printed sentiment tag.